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Serving clients all over the Midwest since 1986

Grisham Industries, founded in 1986, has a reputation for providing customers with dependable products and prompt service. We service customers all over the Midwest including, but not limited to, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin and Nebraska. Our machine and fabricating shops have the capabilities to serve a wide variety of industrial customers.

In our shop, projects exceeding 75,000 pounds have been fabricated, yet we remain flexible enough to effectively and economically perform smaller jobs. Procedures such as cutting, forming, drilling and welding structural shapes and plate up to and including 3" thick are routinely done in house. Forming equipment includes rolling, breaking, and shearing steel up to 1/4" thick. We have the equipment and expertise necessary to weld not only mild steel, but cast iron, aluminum, and stainless steel as well.

Our machine shop is equipped to accommodate most industrial machining. Our turning capacities encompass shafts up to 24 inches x 16 feet. We have drilling, milling, broaching, and boring capabilities including a radial arm drill with a 13 inch column and 5 foot reach. We have the equipment necessary to mill keyways and line bore to customer specifications and satisfaction. We specialize in reconditioning worn and damaged shafts.

Both our fabricating and machining shops accommodate quick turnaround for emergency projects. We have the experience needed for building prototype and short run production projects. We excel at repair and steel fabrication.

We are here to help you save time and money. In providing our services to the commercial and industrial community, we strive to accommodate emergency and quick turnaround projects and have established an extensive list of satisfied customers.

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