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Machining Services

Our machine crew has over 70 years combined experience in machining.

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Drilling, milling, boring, broaching, keyways, Grisham Industries

• Individual Component Machining • Build-up & Repairs • Emergency Machining • Milling / Drilling / Boring / Broaching / Keyways

Grisham Industries is equipped to handle most industrial machining including: drilling, milling, boring, broaching and cutting of keyways. Our machine crew has over 70 years combined experience in machining.

Individual Component Machining

We can bring your innovative ideas to reality by building prototype and new design parts for short run production projects. We can also create replacement or new OEM parts for existing machinery.

Build-Up & Repairs

We specialize in reconditioning worn and damaged equipment and components for all types of industrial, agricultural and transport applications including propeller and rudder shafts.

Line Boring

Grisham Industries provides line boring both in house and on the job site.  Field Machining / Repair Capabilities: • Bucket Pivots • Articulated Steering Joints • Kingpin Supports • Truck Body Pivots • Linkages, Supports and Pivots • Weldments and Sleeves

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